• First Father's Day Frame

First Father's Day Frame


Is your partner/husband celebrating their first Father's Day this year or know someone who is? Our precious keepsake frames make the perfect gift. Fill with a treasured photo of Daddy and Baby and will be a gift they love.

They come standard with the word DADDY on top along with the writing Happy 1st Father's Day and personalised with the name/s down the bottom.

They are made landscape to fit 6x4 photos. Please note there is no glass insert for the frame, the picture is held at the back with a little bit of sticky tape making it easy to change the photos around. Made from 3mm wood making them lightweight and perfect to use on the desk/shelf. Each come with two pieces of wood that act as a stand, they are just slotted onto the end of the frame.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your Custom frame to be made and shipped.