• Logo Night Light
  • Logo Night Light

Logo Night Light


Your business name up in lights. The perfect light to add to your studio, retail shop, workshop or even market stall. Your business logo etched into our panels then lit up.

Choose to have either rectangle or round. Some logos will work better with a certain shape, we can let you know if the shape you’ve choosen is best suited to your logo.

You can choose from 2 options with the colour, 7 colour multi change with dimmer or warm white. Please note the warm white is only one colour and light brightness.

Your logo needs to be all in black text/graphics no colour. Preferred an .eps format. If no eps file please ensure all in black only. Email you logo through to

Multi colours are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Aqua, Purple and White, you can choose one colour or have them flashing as they rotate through the colours.


Round       150mm x 155mm including base.
Rectangle 150mm x 130mm including base.

Your lights come with a USB connection and on/off switch on the cord, require USB adaptor to operate, this is NOT INCLUDED. You can also operate via a USB battery pack.

Please Keep out of reach of children

Care Instructions:
Gently clean with soft microfibre cloth only. No cleaning products should be used, as you could mark/scratch the acrylic. Do not use paper towel, tissues or sponges as these will leave scratch marks on the acrylic.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your light to be made and shipped.